Why I say ‘yes’ to certain types of partnership

I don’t want to start a huge debate on this topic, but I do just want to share my opinion with respect to certain comments posted on Facebook recently. Not to defend myself, but more to give some background so you understand my reasons. Because it’s easy to generalize. 


I do still say ‘yes’ to certain partnership arrangements. 

Yes, really.

Without paying for a service, and without being paid for my service in return.

Very occasionally – not all the time – and I’m very comfortable with it. 

In all honesty, when I first started blogging it was a pretty regular occurrence. 

Because I believe in mutual support, and I believe it’s important to help each other out now and then. 

Having said that, I’m very aware that, being self-employed, I need to make a living because I have a family and expenses, like we all do. But partnering with someone else here and there doesn’t hinder my ability to make a decent living. Quite the opposite, in fact – my many partnerships from the beginning of Je suis une maman have been well worth it over the long term, both personally and professionally. 

A note about the annual conference


Photo Catherine Galarneau

For 9 years, I’ve been investing time (and money) into the annual Je suis une maman conference. It would be easy for me to charge $69.99 or more for this event, and make a nice profit. But that’s not the point of the gathering – it’s an occasion to get together, affordably, so that mothers can come and spend a special, surprise-filled morning together. 

It wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of the many partners who believe in the mission of the event and who offer products, time, discounts and more. Every year, I try really hard to find a financial partner that will help me compensate all the people who help me make this wonderful event a success. One day, I know I’ll find one. 

Until then, I’m thankful for all the people, presenters and companies who choose to collaborate with me on the Rassemblement, in exchange for something on my part.

I’ll say it again… I know very well that we all need to earn a living. But I wouldn’t be where I am today without having given of my time under various circumstances, and without all the people who’ve given me a helping hand along the way – and who continue to do so. 

For me, helping each other out is important and even necessary from time to time in business. If I could put on an event for mothers entirely free of charge, I’d do it in a heartbeat – and really, that’s the ultimate goal. Someday, maybe I’ll get there. 

Every self-employed person has their own business model and their own way of working. 

But it’s not helpful to criticize someone just because they’ve chosen a different path than yours. You may disagree, but as I like to say: live and let live. 

To everyone who has worked with me in the past, I would like to thank you very much, and may our wonderful collaborations continue!

Article by Jaime Damak

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