My You-Know-What

What? You know, my (our) monthly visitor. This is how my grandmother ALWAYS referred to a woman’s period. She never once pronounced the word. It was always, “Darling, do you have your you-know-what?” Every time I think of her and that, I smile because only she could say such a thing. She was unique and funny without even knowing it.

So ladies, today, we are talking periods. I don’t know why it’s not discussed more openly because it happens to all of us. Every single month. And if you are like me, a chosen one (my cycle is 24 days), your friend sometimes visits you more than once a month. 

For many years, I tried to fight my period. Even though I felt like crap, I would try and act like nothing was amiss and go about my day as though everything was normal. But really, how is it normal?

Bio 101

The period consists of a small amount of blood and the endometrium. The breaking of fine blood vessels within the womb causes a menstruation as the lining detaches itself in our uterus. Of course with a period comes PMS, that roller coaster of emotional, psychological and physical symptoms which are linked to a woman's menstrual cycle. This is far from how we feel on a “normal” day.

What I’ve learned

  • In the days leading up to my period, I’m definitely more irritable. For me, walking, running, or being somewhat active during my day is key to helping me get through it. Sweat is good.
  • I also try and keep more to myself. It’s as if I need to be more “in my bubble”. Over the years, I’ve learned to respect what I need to get through these couple of days.
  • I treat myself to my cravings without going nuts. The last two days leading up to my period, I sometimes have huge cravings. I indulge intelligently.
  • When my cycle starts, I know I have to slow down for 2 days. I limit my physical activity and try to work shorter days.
  • I use products that work well with me. I’m not a tampon kinda girl. If I’m somewhere hot and I want to go swimming, that’s one thing – I’ll take one for the team. However, I guess I’m kind of old school and like using pads. Recently, I’ve been testing Incognito products. I like their Maxi overnight pads because they give me good protection and I’m not worried I’ll wake up to a mess. Their tabs are wide and flexible. Also, their products are unscented and dye-free. And kudos to the pantiliners. Since my cycle is every 24 days, I usually have 2 heavier days and then I spot for 2 days. The pantiliners are perfect for my last two days.
  • I go to bed early and let my body do its thing. If I overdo it, I end up catching a cold or virus, so now I simply listen to my body.
  • I’m not a medicine type of person but Advil is usually my BFF when my menstruation cycle starts. I usually have a bit of back pain and a headache, and most of the time an Advil does the trick.
  • During my cycle, I also watch what I eat. I drink lots of water and tend to stick to healthier options. Since I’ve been more diligent about this, I’ve seen a positive difference.

So there you have it. How is your “you-know–what”? Do you dread it? Does it go well? What are your tips and tricks to get through those couple of days?

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