#NoMoreJudgement: We have help at home

Do you sometimes prefer to keep some of the details of your private life, well, private? I bet you do. Me too. I think it’s perfectly fine to have a few secrets! However, sometimes I realize that I refrain from sharing certain things not because they’re too personal, but because I’m afraid of people’s reactions. And when this happens, well, I feel bad about it. Because ultimately, it shouldn’t matter what other people think about our life choices, especially when those choices don’t concern them at all.

So today, it’s confession time.

We have help at home. Every two weeks, I have someone come for an afternoon to help me with the housekeeping and laundry.

An investment that saves my sanity

Life is fast-paced. I’m a woman, mother, wife, entrepreneur, taxi driver, friend, nurse, cook, and a whole lot more. If I added housecleaning to that list ALL THE TIME, I’d go crazy. I’d need therapy. So, this choice I’ve made, to have some help every couple of weeks, frees up time that I can spend doing other things. A break from housecleaning every other week is good for the soul.

At the same time, though, when I have the time I like to be scrubbing, tidying, cleaning… I know, I’m weird!

We save on other things to make it feasible

To be able to do this without feeling like we’re creating debt, we make choices to economize in other areas. We don’t drink much, we eat most meals at home, we don’t buy take-out coffee… All these small savings allow us to have a little extra put aside for things like housecleaning help.


To have the help.

To be able to own my choices.

To be able to ask for help.

To create, little by little, in this community, a place where we can share everything, without judgement. Just to be heard.

#NoMoreJudgement, one confession at a time!

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