Signs your child is pushing it

The first time it happens, you’re caught off guard and head towards your child’s bedroom with your chest puffed with pride. Your child (‘Finally!’ you may say) has decided to be proactive and finish a project or task, or maybe has started a new one. Wow. 

I tell you, the first time it happens to you, you will be speechless. You will almost want to post about it on Facebook. But you’ll hold back, because you don’t want to be That Mom Who Brags. A little humility, please.

The second time, you’re just as happy as the first time, and you think it might be the start of a wonderful new trend. 

The third time, even if your heart is still just as filled with love, your head is now having second thoughts. Something isn’t adding up. 

But what? What exactly is going on here? What am I missing?

BOOM. The previous days wash over you like a wave. 

1 + 1 +1 + 1 = 4

Sigh. I’ve been had. Really had. 


Here I was, thinking that my child was gaining independence, growing more mature… but no. He was just getting wiser. 

When I analyzed the situation, I realized that these wonderful moments were occurring on a daily basis, but more importantly at the SAME TIME each day – bedtime. I was so happy to see his positive behaviour that I missed the fact that he was going to bed later each night. 

Ah, kids!

So here are 7 signs your child might possibly be pushing it.

1-   Your child suddenly feels like tidying is room. 

2-    Your kid really wants to give an impromptu VIP piano recital for his mother whom he loves so much. 

3-    “Oh! I need to check something in my homework agenda right now!”

4-    He suddenly decides to make his lunch the night before (which he has never done before).

5-    He remembers that he forgot to take his vitamins, and he knows how important it is to you. 

6-    He offers to make you a special snack. 

7-    He insists that he should probably floss his teeth. 

Ah, kids.

You’re welcome. 

Did I miss anything? Does your child push the limits this way too?

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