I’m THAT mom

I’m THAT mom.

  • Mom, all my friends are allowed to stay up to watch La Voix TVA till the end of the show. Why do I have to go to bed before it’s over? 
  • Mom, all my friends are wearing regular shoes to school. Why do I have to wear my boots?
  • My friends’ moms make their lunches for them… I’m the only one who makes my own.
  • All my friends are allowed to watch TV after school.
  • I have the earliest bedtime of everyone in my class.
  • Some of my friends are allowed to take the city bus by themselves to go shopping at the mall.
  • My friends bring their cell phones and tablets to school.  
  • A girl at my high school drinks coffee every morning.

And I could go on.

Are you going through the same thing at your house?

Guilty as charged.

Yes, I’m the mom who makes sure her kids go to bed relatively early on weeknights. Why? Well, most of the time, they fall asleep within a few minutes of their heads hitting the pillow, so I figure they need their sleep. I do let them stay up from time to time, like for La Voix on Sundays, which they still don’t get to watch till the end. I feel like it’s a little too late the night before the start of a new week.

Yes, I’m the mom who asks her daughter to make her own lunch. But I make sure there are always plenty of healthy options in the fridge for her to choose from to make a proper school lunch.

Yes, I’m the mom who limits screen time during the week.

Yes, I’m the mom who won’t let her daughter take the city bus to the mall by herself. She’s only 13. By the same token, I also think she’s a little young to start drinking coffee.

In short, I’m THAT mom, and I stand by my decisions 100%.

Because I’m their mother above all else, not their friend. I make parenting decisions with the best of intentions and as best I can.

But yeah, I’m THAT mom…

Are you one too? We could start a club. What do you think?

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