Tips to Make Moving with Kids Easier

Moving Day is just around the corner. Moving in itself is a BIG deal—add kids to the mix and it becomes a seemingly insurmountable task! You have to plan it right because you’re not just changing locations (hello, two places to clean- your old and new casa)—but you’re also taking care of your little ones at the same time.


I’m very happy to partner with Swiffer #MTLMovingDay. Our goal: offer you some tips and a giveaway (yahoooo- details coming soon) to help you during the coming days.

Here are a few tips to help you survive the big move.

1-    Involve your kids
Give them little tasks so they feel like they’re helping and to keep them busy, such as cleaning up (sweep the floor, clean the kitchen, weeding the flower boxes), breaking down empty boxes, or even putting away certain items—like books or plates—in the cupboards and closets.


2-    Set up their rooms first
When we moved into our new home, my son was five months old and my daughter was two and a half. Our first task was to set up their bedrooms so they would feel at home right away. My colleague Catherine also recommends prioritizing the playroom or at least setting up a play space. That way the kids can use it while you’re busy unpacking and cleaning.


3-    Let them play with the boxes
Children LOVE to play with boxes. Moving is the perfect time to let them go wild with the pile that’s sure to invade your new home. Whether they’re building castles, constructing forts, or drawing pictures on them, your kids are guaranteed to stay busy.


4-    Have the right products on hands
Stock up on kid-friendly cleaners so the little ones can help you clean. My colleague Véronique also recommends giving Swiffer dusters to the kids—hers love to dust the house with them. Personally, I love the Swiffer mop for the floors. It cleans like a charm and takes up virtually no space!


5-    Put your principles on hold
During a move, go easy on yourself. You’re facing some long, hectic days and you probably won’t feel like cooking at the end of them. Opt for easy solutions, like a roasted chicken from the grocery store, pizza, or otherwise.


6-    Ask for help
Don’t be shy about asking your friends and family for help, whether it’s to take care of the kids for a few hours, throw a painting party, or just help out with some of your many tasks. Nobody’s a superhero and, sometimes, getting help for a few hours can really save the day.

Happy Moving Day!

*This article is presented by Swiffer #MTLMovingDay