Something new in the deli aisle!

Slice of life…

We try to be careful with the food that we buy and consume. Although I don’t do this with everything, I won’t hide the fact that I often scrutinize the ingredient list on items I purchase. It’s a habit that I developed when we found out about Emma’s food allergies, and it’s become second nature over the years.

So I’m always happy to see new products on the market that have our health interests at heart.

Deli meats WITHOUT nitrites

Like most families in Quebec, we consume deli meats from time to time at home. I’ve always been a little bit hesitant about them, though, because I know that nitrites aren’t very healthy.

So when Olymel told me about their new deli meats WITHOUT nitrites or phosphates, I was very pleased. Frankly, my first thought was: FINALLY!

It’s great news considering how many people turn to deli sandwiches for lunch on a regular basis.

Three products available

Currently three new products can be found in the grocery store deli section: Black Forest smoked ham, old-fashioned smoked ham, and smoked turkey. All three are made with simple and easy-to-understand ingredients, and what’s more, they’re offered at affordable prices.

Tested and approved

We have been taste-testing the new deli meats at home for a few weeks and we all like them – family approved! My kids particularly like the old-fashioned ham, while my favourite is the turkey.

Yum – and yay!

Coming soon – more testing!

Stay tuned, because in the coming days some of our readers will have the chance to participate in taste testing as well!

For more information on these new products as well as recipe ideas, visit Olymel’s website.

*This text is sponsored by Olymel.

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