Missing the kids

I miss my kids. A lot. As in, I’ve secretly texted Philippe’s camp counsellor twice for news. Yes, really, in secret. And I’ve texted Emma’s camp counsellor once as well. I know. Total Mom Fail.

So much for letting go! I could make a whole video about this topic. But I’ll spare you. Hahaha.

The kids both left for camp Sunday night, and are coming back TONIGHT. I’m so looking forward to seeing them. Actually, it was my bright idea for them to go to camp this summer. When I was young, I loved my camp experience SO MUCH, and I wanted them to have the opportunity to go to camp at least once.

Last Saturday night, I started to regret my decision because I was feeling like it was going to be hard to see them go. But Sunday, when I dropped them off at their respective camps, everything was fine. I felt at peace with things.

Except now, I’m starting to feel like this has been a long week. It’s so quiet in the house! I miss my favourite dynamic duo. I’m really looking forward to picking them up tonight…


But when I put on my responsible adult hat, and try to look at this objectively (!!!), I know that they are having an incredible experience and that these few days away from their parents will help build their confidence, independence, social skills and so much more.

It’s just that, mama bear that I am, and with PMS kicking in to boot, I really, really miss them.

The life of a parent is never boring, right?

The countdown is on…

We’ll be reunited soon. Yay!

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