Finding your new well-being

A few days ago, I was telling you about back-to-school for our family and about how sometimes in life, everything is a question of perspective. Sometimes, by looking at a situation from a new angle, we see things in a new light and are better able to manage.

For a while now, I’ve stopped trying to achieve balance in my life, since I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s pretty much impossible. My life doesn’t follow a predictable schedule, and my work as a self-employed person means that every week is different. Sometimes I’m at home in my own little bubble all week. Other weeks, I’m home most of the time but have to pop out for meetings or I might host people at the house to help with a project; and sometimes I’m travelling for one or even several days. In short, it’s never the same! Trying to find balance within this irregular schedule isn’t possible, and I often felt bad about not being able to do so.


Changing my mindset (and therefore, my perspective) made me see that it wasn’t really balance that I was seeking, but a sense of well-being.

Back to school, the end of the summer, and circumstances in my professional life all combined to jolt my reality.

I’ve been feeling off balance for a few weeks now.

Through writing my blog about perspective, I realized that I need to find a new level of well-being. Too many things have changed.

I admit that it’s not been easy.

I feel fragile. Emotional. Delicate.

At the same time, I also feel immensely grateful.

Strange, I know, but it’s true.

The fact that I have been able to take all this in does reassure me, because it makes me realize that I’m learning more and more about myself. I’m listening to myself, and growing, and persevering. My body and mind are both in need of a little tune up. It’s time to get to the mechanic for an inspection – haha! I could go on with the wisecracks, but I think you understand what I mean to say, so I’ll spare you.

To acknowledge that not everything goes exactly as planned, and that inside, we might not feel like we’re firing on all cylinders, is a step in the right direction.

And that fills me with hope.

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